This is the best Heavy Metal band from Africa! SKINFLINT plays a mixture of epic 80s Metal with european and NWoBHM-influences as well as powerful straight forward songs combined with lyrics regarding african culture (of course sung in English as Botswana is an english speaking country). If you like extraordinary Heavy Metal with great guitar playing and very fine vocals this band will be a discovery for you!! If you are only into US-Metal maybe you will miss the usual song structures from the US-bands, so SKINFLINT is really different and unique. Heavy Metal gourmets will find african/european Metal of highest class not comparable with any other group! SKINFLINT is Band of the year in Africa and "Dipoko" an absolute "must have" for any collection! For the first time this CD -the african version was only handmade - comes as a real CD with Interview, Bandhistory etc.! Check out the great videoclip: -- http://www.skinflintmetal.com/videos.cfm -- Release 27.07.2013

2013, CD, sealed